-Paiste Welcomes Vladimir Kostadinovic To Its Family Of Artistst-

Vladimir Kostadinovic now endorses Paiste cymbals, the company announced. He says he chose to play Paiste Masters, complemented by models from Paiste’s Masters Series.  “I’m really happy to announce my new cymbal endorsement,” Vladimir Kostadinovic says. “I’m now officially playing Paiste cymbals! I’ve checked every major brand on the market and was truly surprised by the unique sound of Paiste. I’ve always thought they were mostly suitable for rock and pop music but with their Masters series they offer an unbelievable sound for jazz.. I am very happy to be a member of the Paiste family!”



I am thrilled to announce that I have just recently been accepted as a VATER PERCUSSION artist and now proudly endorse my signature model (VK Sugar Piccolo Maple).  My playing style and choice of equipment has gone full circle in recent years and I'm really excited about going back to a vintage classic style. Thanks to Mark at VATER for contacting me with the good news.!/artists/1284